Eggemoggin Salt Works

Tidal Forces

Our water source has a tidal range of around 11 feet on average. The Reach floods from the northwest with the incoming tide and ebbs southeast as the water recedes-- amounting to a massive twice-daily exchange of millions of cubic feet of sea water. 

The undeveloped shores of the area mean our water is free of pollution and contaminants. 

During those high tides, we head down to the shore near our 74 year old hulking suspension bridge and collect water in sterilized 5 gallon buckets. 

Fire Reduction

Strained and transferred to our boiling vat, we bring those 5 gallons of sea water to a rolling boil over a gas flame. The remaining super-saturated gallon of brine is then transferred to our baking trays. 


Baked with low heat, and constantly stirring, our bright, white, fragile salt slowly crystalizes and comes out of solution. 


We sell our salt in mason jar salt cellars designed for pinching and spooning. With just a pinch and a rub you've got perfect salt!