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Written by Travis Fifield — October 30, 2013

ESW Featured at the Peninsula Food Festival in Blue Hill!

From The Island Advantage

"Eggemoggin Salt Works joins the Taste of the Peninsula at Mainescape on October 13, the signature event of Blue Hill’s Foliage, Food and Wine Festival. Designed to showcase the variety of local flavors offered by the Peninsula, the Taste draws hundreds of people to sample a smorgasbord of food and products. Above, Deborah Fifield, co-owner, gave a portion of her space to Deborah Evans’s Criminal Caramels."

Written by Travis Fifield — October 30, 2013

New 1 oz wedding favors

At the request of a customer, we're developing a new 1 ounce jar that's perfect for wedding favors and party give-aways! We're firming up pricing and sources for jars and labels but check in with us if you're interested!

Written by Travis Fifield — May 17, 2013

Ellsworth American Article

“It’s saltier than regular table salt,” said Debbie Fifield, who started the business with her grown son, Travis Fifield. “You don’t need to use as much.”


"The reaction from customers has been “absolutely amazing,” said Debbie. “I did not have an inkling that it would be this successful. We sold a bunch online at Christmas. A lot of people said they’d given it for gifts.”

Written by Travis Fifield — April 04, 2013